I am with my spine
Curling my tail into my eggs
into my moon
13 daughters a year
Blood of thirteen men a life
down in my mmm

And you up
on the surface of stupid 
Dark wine up the glass walls
This essence
in my Graal

Mmm. could suck up a storm
99 in my thighs
I am the plague. I, -So Live!
Let it be frenetic   as   ship   breaks
Shine bright like an A bomb
Let Nature Reign.

Wedding Day

Take me in your little arms or whatever
I knew youd come a Day like This
And i crushed like a glass crow, right in
Into your car 

dont stand in the beam of my kundalini

Been ccrouching in between tall Peaks
musing in my fort
Thinking safe here, welll
like a swiss thinks 

Watch a thousand suns set
gaze within your palm
You, you are
Sex; eating flowers Eat the fruit

Eat sun Shine - drink his wine
all in the name of lust -
In the name of the Tree 
drop Descent into time

Vessel Woman
what song on earth
is worth a child,
She sings eternally 

nWill you ring, bells
a thousand calls
The Western sky was always red
drop of blood In my bath

Extinction is right here in my bold head

Yu wanna make me cry,
Waving woolen infant slippers
at the girl fair
That's good. I need some tears
to float my pearl away

Over the sun Away!

Pearling, pearling

do you know what a pearl is
i am a victim in this system
so i made up a story to make it look different
to me

pearling away in my satin
I have been crushed in this system
on the inside I paint
an escape