"SEPTEMBER" Swanlights


wen its dark in autumn 
there is a house that calls your name al the time

u had crazy dignity
u were filthy as i am.
u are a better christian than they’ll evr be
i saw your face relax and ur eyes abide:
two sad ponds

dont turn towards the ocean
where our sisters drown and
where god resides
where there is a house that calls your name all the time

untitled war

before the bees end their buzzing
and before the knife play
we were frozen inside
bugging in the cold Glass streets of our towns

i am writing u from inside the days,
days inside which i do not wish to fight.

“as we sit in the trap
drones become visible beneath the skin of clouds.
i want u to know that its JustNature

remember when the net rose
exposing its systematics
,..remember how soothing.

remember the autumn lights 
just arrived from across the years.

algorithms have a childhood
inside which we handed them our tools so they could read our world
dont evn bother acting surprised wen the outcome is we

in the meantime i search
for a goodbye that is my own.

so we’ll walk the long log
with a Skyy blue as code
over our heads, where 
our hair stands on end And
where boats full of advert shit and gossip unload every hour

remember the fat glacier of the heart
melting in the face of its end

and remember the state of the town
on the Day we forgot about death.

Out of Weed

i cant stop thinking about women ruling the world
every generation’s convinced to be the last ever
but collusion bleeds thru back alleys &
we will miss these golden hours
golden side of a fallen leaf
days inside which Apocalypse would wear her mask
as she advances 
we retreat

We wake up n stare at the dying world in awe,
everything bathed in the warm light of the end.

wake up in the dying world that is Ours and our world is 
So hard to love
we wake up to no weed at all

my own shadow in autumn

used2 love when night fell before school was over
someday when all our rapists R EXposed
& before all is gone
i will forgive all youve done

swans live on and on

coded with glass pearls in a necklace that circles
round this and that,
a crystal voice names all there is
the lights
the doubts
the absolute contingency

a story that runs like a fox
scratching and crying in a soil that burns cold
the rage of life
only Force known to weight against Decay
&bound 2fight

brave nnew cock

Dear new world
Sick fast heart
ur blood money runs in my vein

Some ppl will nevr worry about anything
War could com&go unnoticed too but
u play cheesy rock and this is switzerland
Junkies &beggars in ruined palasses
livin on stolen migros supplies&
i tell u
cocaine feels solace here
so far from home

shattered Vessel

Get rid of the Shell First then get rid of the Whole"
said She in a Sparkling Laughter
And we held Hands at the edge of the end
one team

U get this Special Key
as payback for ur Pain
Key cast in the fire of the first lie ,as u were first told

o Little Life Giver
                  Get rid of the Shell First then get rid of the Whole"
Female Suicide Bomber
give your! Life

*rome burns*

untitled fall				
October, and id say warmth only settles in now 
Golden browns and reds tell of forgiveness 
Our summer was another winter
This year everyone feels the shift 
This year, we feel
as we shift 

untitled end

so, the sun shone within the glass and
all the crystal mezmerizing threads of the spiderwebs
stubborn life

im not all in the fight anymore
survival is less important

run the longRoad
Slow the paced heart

but autumn is here and joy is all new
unlike u i dont think we'll survive this life
and i dont think it matters
we are born again
under the ghostly blue lights and 
all the blue-bearded comets and starving spiders

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