unlock my lust in a dream
dust my lucky heart 

i needed to want this world
not only to love but to lust-

morning song

i am pregnant with idea
in the sun flow like a plant
collecting droplets

i am a Creature
whose hairy feet rub each other
Crumbly dust of light

i was born a mammal, a wanderer
whose fate is to fertilize, enrich
and walk a path of sprouting feces

breathing life in and out
In the plains ,in the wetlands
beneath her Arching Trees

i be with my inner posse.
soft smell of sunny hair - 
earth mends my sensuality.

i wanted to know Her
I needed to be close to Her
for she knows all of me, and I am made of Her.

Stoneless Mangoes

cannot breathe from a cut
o paradise is eluding &absolute
it exists -in blissful fractions of my mind- it Exists
as a headless torso sinking in the blue   -                              

Ovulation on the full moon
i get so lusty midjuly
& will birth you gone, little one
- Yes my lust is mine alone.

a dream of teeth buried deep in
stoneless Mangoes
a dream of a lick and a thrust
fruitless fucks

I let it sink past horizons
this moon. my daughter is hungry for life
& I am eager to meet her - yet
I bleed and bleed

'o How i want to see the world -
There's nothing At all in me But the want
to exist! for an instant, for a life!
for a drop of Milk - for a ray of Light!'

extinct spirits / sunset 

sunlight can heal our eyes
sunlight made us be
and now

Animals depart on the sunset reds
my heart aint of round stone or clean clay
weakness is a part of life, like winter

i know earth forgives
like any mother, like i may
but sadness -

scattered crows in sparse flight -
Last of color, last of Light
so soon dissolved into the air -

Is EXTINCTION a part of life
I keep my eyes on Her
My love, my Whole world

i keep my heart from breaking
but it breaks
every night we watch as the animals

stretch their necks and leave the earth 


Apollo's Harm

my seed moves inside me
As a red moon rises
and i - get pink and willing
in lust merging with the air

O i wanted you 
like the sound of a horn
you were playin in the back

in paradise or far away 
secret ring
fat flower of the sun
and you taste of the whole world

this world here where i cannot birth
where I tell my seed to lay low
and let Time river take her
into nothingness.


I knew you some Millenniums back
when your lean frame hadn't caught
this aggressive edge

tender then, remember
how coming to my tent was the highest
honor & Sacrament -

but i will break my back and I must speak in code
and you have slammed  those tender doors
and you will not find the spring

small drop of everything

YOU were hungry for life
i could feel it
i have to bleed you out
my little pearl
you were too good to be human.

and the golden Goddess of honey-like essence
appeared, tellin me not to fear
for my daughter will come to life

and I said, for my life
I do not fear. but extinction -
There is no 'away'
when All has burnt,
I have nowhere to be reborn.

imperial metals

a trail of sweat and powdered dreams
am i growing aware of the poisons
or feeling contamination

goddess make my heart as clear as Hers
these dark times are our times
in lead and mercury we will Rise -