decomposing sunsets

beyond the rusty gates, the garden soaked in Shade
oMysterious, orderly Old world
shaken to dust by teenage me

i may never be good enough for you
but i am good enough for me
Upright and whole

golden smile on the Lake,
silver wink of Willow
I breathe
i live in a pearl,
where Warm blue light poses on the roof tiles
& dry Grass bends towards

that time of year - when we Stumble into darkness
that time
when Light fades upon the graves

My blood was abundance
my city cast in blue, decaying light
- Piercing feeling of Place


I made a promise, many fleshes ago
As flames burnt me to dust

Men never knew nothing 
is ever dead


He burns & burns
Menstrues placed in a seeled bag

smokes as live as mold,
He still won't learn that nothing Dies

between blue lens &sticky liner
Twas hard to even turn my eye

wen I woke in depth of me-skin
Ladyfied, creamed skim

& had to restore magic, little nag
before i could trust the process

as somoon who never laid hope to rest,
standin smiling wrinkles on the breeze

living like a prophet;
4 i have been degraded 

nd i have been honored; but mostly
ive been Rising


W a womb as moist as a tomb
a womoon's Rising like a Tide Toworld

as flames burnt me to dust, many fleshes ago
Didn't I promise?

global poison dream

If youre a spider hanging from my dream, 
and If you would just 
tell ur Queen

Her words are translucent and hard
thinning like a tribe,
pearls drippin
on the pan of my head

'the electric grid is Itself
the biggest bot Evr built'
i wanted back in the egg

and I curl, so I shake, 
here in the world and awake
and it is getting Warmer 
all the time

Anti-Terror drone Hive

None of yr brave men, none
ever proved their Heart to Her!
And Forth She gives - renewing Spring
even as dying, battered!

And Our Youth, and Our Young
Will Bend their golden necks *%oh
GIVE THEM bliss So they Can forget
Eaze their extincted lives

let them mouseover a thumbnail,
erase all future from their dream
May they poison,  numb, tip
InTo the void




Red Threshold (moon ceremony)

that was when i hit del then rose,
Booming like a thought of pain in a nerve
thru the elevator

singin, Distraction is the Water
to the syrup in the drink 
thats Western Spirit, yes

this sacred plate entered
A deep cleansing Spinning
as She brought Her blood to the tree

And we wondered, who understands
what it takes for Blood to glow
inside Sharded, computed towns  

we knew our Women in our trees
and we'll do our work here on earth
for we love life: so fiercely

See this plate turn and turn
as we sit in circle,

o bake a fractal cake
to this Breaking and Mending plate

"This entry was completed on the 20th "Death of the sun" December 2015"

Dragon - Tori Amos - instrumental cover - by YouAreNotToriAmos