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poetry archive

'Poetry Archive' is my first hardbound book. It contains all the poetry currently in the archive, up to the 'JANUARY-MARCH 2016' entry. That's 138 poems and 208 pages.

poetry archive

I would like to take this opportunity to give a little context to this body of work: I've been writing in verses practically since I've learnt how to write. I have turned from French, my mothertongue, to English a few years ago, for many reasons, the main being an aknowledgement that whatever my culture is, it has been heavily americanized. And so I write a language of empire, of worldwide Web, of globale brokenness, with little regard to its 'proper use'.

In its archived form, this poetry is an account of growing up and awaking to a world ripped away by war and domination.

This poetry also makes attempts at piecing potions to combat ever- permeating poisons. It seeks healing, and the ancient powers of Spells. As I will be 24 years old this year, I call this poetry Juvenile.

poetry archive

The cover is black fabric wrapped in a glossy dust jacket. It ships around the world. The supplies are limited for this book.
Price: 25 chf / US$ + shipping (swiss shipping: 5 chf international shipping 10 chf / US$)
The publication of this volume was made possible by the kind support of QUARK, Geneva.

Poetry Archive
Limited Edition

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