"MARCH" Office Life 

We never Have

eat a tangerine under wet spring metal
stars are low and angelic
make call
the whole towne is an airhub
the purest blue
your map is blown

my stupid angel

to this point i’m so wild
all Icy &broken
a swollen forest Trail
a speeding grotesque
wen ur emossia bleeds out 2 taint
all matters of blossom
u shake inside His hand &
u are made

i think i want revolution

processed things have wasted u like a prop,
how does it feel to be bound by death
my spirit asks my body

anticapitalist poems big luck u raised a girl too true & as I bowed i felt little veins dried up and obedience all i Mutter is cannot do this to self cannot pastoral times (jamie, marina) he may think im broken but I Know theres no mending im not like that im not so good god was not -dont judge cos He never was a woman on earth it all made sense from the inside i was not new but easily rose up above daily deadends yes, with ease fled time And my neck unbent, my head sits on stick &i my jelly eyes transparent as a Whale’s and permeable as lakes forgive me 4 distorted is All “in darkness”
i had no default setting u know guess youve wondered, forehead glued to the glass whats it like waking a litlle mistake nd did you ever think of the worlds we have chosen to disrespect, think of the worlds we have chosen to disrespect another utopia exposed as illusion Spring sprung all back to life but Not me sometimes words cannot help sorry
i fight to stay awake paranoia peaks but World is Still here, like mold richly structured & bare and the air still Kisses all things so Terribly maybe i shouldnt worry nor run little
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