artists of the world rejoice

drugs destroy us but time destroys us best
it is OK _ i took off your shoes
i know u want your skin So thin
yu want to feel everything.

No time

there is no
of showing you
i can only take you there
as an image.

screens as big as buildings, sure
ill stare too
o the heat of the thrill
someone weak,
so ill love her

at 22
I am humans
&humbled, accept
their Doom!?¶

sacrifice, sacrifice!

say no

YELLOW, beige, orange SNOW
wen Im alone
there is no time  o.o

trees vein the beige of the SkY
as u get out of the VAN
winters were colder in our YOUTH
so u had this stupid BROWN HAT
to keep ur head warm when u 
Oh, pledge your demure life to MiNE
have Black trains take u thru CITIES
altho our bones time may Shatter,
Life in us is a Knife.

Sun WORSHIP, years later_
The shimmer in passion, I called it God
& Beauty: its presence

o we will never recover


i was greying, 
slipping Simply out of concern

the will to live
:most volatile.

i was bringing my body to the window
 - i was bringing my eyes to a stare
this light to a glow,
the mundane to novel
:the present to Gods.


Im dead,
bored shoes..
its a long way to cair paravel

up high
dried leaves
Beat my own secluded path

my spartan heart
my robe - my choice
my death

our magic is faint but present ፧              

brian was my prophet but now hes dead
his beauty was unbearable blinding galore
his soul ֊ cracked w light
- his flesh starred w terror

 she -
made tables turn
- she
     rose &Prevailed.


deathly wine and its medicine:
take a chance & realize what this place B
in the wake of war, Switzerthing always a convent
we will read, we will write, we will watch powerless and sing

r mmbr
wen the warr comes
u R no woman, but Bird
So Rise & SSing

euro War Songs

we have almost
a most dumbrave

who can shut me up now

master of slytherin,
master of potions.

let see one your core.

let bleed
indent in cleartext

kiss your Hater farewell.

Master #encounter

its a cold night&
the lake is a winter beast

as silver things ring like chatter
cannot chase the fact
that they were once all I had -
-- tangled hairballs

u must think Im asleep,sick love
to walk in like that.

By the Battlements we stood:

“a poem is a trick
a poem is a crown
in that it circles, golden
like a Crack ~ round ur head

Look here Comes this meaningless universe

meet the coward
in the eastern room of the hotel:

i grew up a suicider
struck by feeling, filthy in devotion & worthless
smart one, dim one, almost unsettling but too

the mess

i wanted more, everitime

today Im walking down 2 everyone who 
ever laid 
a finger on 

Look here Comes this meaningless universe II

We are over your blue eyes, We are!

-that was what my lover cried to the skies 
Before she was slammed by lust

why snap ur ever cruel finger &
                    Shield us from Your eternal anger

from the world lying in the bedroom
deep and 
silky, His voice then spoke
  no god is borne alone:

Key’s solid Faith if U were2
                 ” rebel against your creator”

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