New Knowledge


Guilt with her heavy bags of soot
she was a good friend for a while

She and I, we”d carry my weight all over
smell of gospel
Guilt and I we”d never Letgo

and she had that bitter sister
Shame, who showed up when we couldn”t lift
bags anymore

who”s your pimp

nd When Will you send her away,
over the bridge, away?

new knowledge

this jusst in
your snowflake is melting away
changing like sugarcane
nature swallows you, my dear
at all times

you, human
you are a part of nature
and bound
a plague
and blessed
and live
and free

free to graze

it”s just, hey, it”s easy to be reborn
Sometimes you will have to apologize for your behavior

sometimes you will  have to let kindness in
it had become easy to love Earth: airscapes and her infinite beauty

infinite lesson, infinite giving
and her sharp limits lined with death

now, be content to love yourself: your infinite beauty
your infinite kindness

your sharp limits
lined with death

holding a boy in my arms

God how could I be so punishing
I who understood you best
I who was raised by Man

muskdeer can”t take any of us
back to the womb
nothing can

we”ll just swirl, alive inside her 
touching the line where we were split -

i always knew just KNEW i would not be bothered

my friends and I
living through heart-piercing beauty
changing like ambergris
archiving all the way to death.


there I stood in the very fine light of that day
day of the dead
open like a mirror

gazing into clear air, 
with a bright burning knot
in my legs

i can still see the smoke, the burning log
i am scared in this century
i am scared