“JANUARY” Juvenile


how i drowned when i knew i would be my own mother over and over
watch over kids
who are not me
see their plates
never empty
don’t eat this, don’t pray, think
touch dirt only when looked upon
god is a toy
only the dumb

feed your kids
feed them right
are they fit
will they live

god is a toy
only the dumb


sweet hangout on the internet
amongst bleeps and sore holes
wikipedia’s tortured
sounds swiss to me


palms gluey shadow running mud
how many words does it take to set up
a fantasy

glass looking south high in the city
sun sun sun sun sun
late summer, young fall

this is you in a colored shirt
i feel mezmerise^zed by u
do u feel mesmerized by me

You are a kind, unhurried brown wolf pacing through the woods.

I will not love a man but I might love a beast
this is a love song
This is a ballad, honey and blood spilled on a stone
honey, blood poured on a tombstone

life in the World is thick
thick as honey

untitled south

african patterns dictators palaces
opening to the Woooorld through scented candles

curating your interrrior
in the dim light of ignorance

the world as in world

colonial ethnic designs
you hate it here

you wish you had to watch out for deadly

glowing faces in poverty
it’s never sunny in europe

falabellas carry me across the yard
as a child

tiny inbred horses fighting with swarms of flies
in dirt and orange sunlight and chatter

this is me fishing piranhas
this is me wishing u dead

slimy teeth out of brown waters
i could kill u anyday

a cactus, a way out of here
an actress, dusty road, goodbye cloud

my bench

I am on my bench
i sit down and leave
this place.

untitled plant

I call exotism
anything beyond my reach

And so is love.
Anything beyond my reach
is a destination

Palms mud and fresh shadow
any place i didnt grow up
any forest

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