"FEBRUARY" Immortality

guess wat (Fanart elsewhere's)

i know what youre missing now
did u relly think id never come of age

u left me
so ashamed to expect beauty from life

gloss over thier Grief easily
&cannot see the veil they wear

which kept u from telling me str8
u cannot Face
life has no meaning

u Pray 2 your star which is gone
&hangs forever in Silent 
                             Light atop a Hemlock !

what hurts me now:
the burn of Churches in the blue
anything ethereal, medievale

Fantasy's a cut in my side
drilling                    deep spirit
magic leads to madness.

We stay stuck Out of   Far fiction
 - if we had Forever
would We not Now miss less?

-we're All the things that we do for Free
and Nothings wrong but nothing is True:
i live in a Hologram wi You


this could b us but
if im scared 2 fail
or come 2 regret work that 
made Him proud..
B my shield
dont Touch me

i was made here
will b destroyd here replaced
ive been looking outside
4 anything that resembles
the Inside

this could be us
i tried to escape this century but
u snap me to center-
this battle here is
how to grow
Capitalism is Nature.


I am veiled to honor my devotion to my God but this isnt 
something you could hope to comprehend. It is not my God 
that I serve, for God is but a word: I serve the monster 
that is my devotion.
Male Gods
Blue Eyed Gods
Caucasian Gods
To be abstracted is to be religious - 

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