The Honey-like texture of Time


Brainbuzz on Earth

Bells ring from 6
to 6 0 5
and I dispel the guilt
of poems not written, voices
I have not noted down

Sun kisses the low fringe of skies
and we set into night
eye on the clock tower
eye on my city eye
of the Lake

we were fortified in your gaze - in 
your cold embrace
Life purifies.
Poison we breathe
light we expel

inside the darkest month
I did not give back to the wheel
and was brought to a halt.

wide air, cold air
o Grant me power to forgive
my living, poisoned Breath -


but doesn’t she pump blood through my breath
and weave my heavy scents
and gravity’s just one
of all the ways she loves
She holds me in my skin
tightly, and she lets me
feel that I am alive,
Feel all that is alive.

Kundalini Knots

been knotted down like a braid gone awry:
know the name of the plague and you are infected
in place
I am too young to write.

there’s not enough courage nor light
in my binding stomach
have made myself a useless
traumatized soldier,

Ive been hanging w growing plants in Spring,
how many more Springs ahead
for you, and your sisters,
how many more flowers

will there be a myriad
or can you see your end
plant Can you feel it end?
and do you trust my hand
and do you like it here

on the balcony -
I have been my confused self
in the dark for too long
my insides are

lying, i think of extinction
unborn daughters
and Will I come back here
in a less worried form
as a snowflake perhaps -


you always just had to ask
and were you deceived ever?
fear not, little bloodclot
for your words always pave a-way!

a lightless moon

under the silver crown and oh
was I an elastic girl
up the slopes of our town :
i was smooth black fire

and i want to say, don’t sadden
my sweet one - dont
grow crystal clear with tears
here’s a promise such wind may keep:

all through the Honey-like
texture of Time
we will run in the rain again
Immune and live!

the honey-like Texture of time

In the dream i could have Bent my spine to death
just to take him In
I dreamt a picture of fucking
i woke painted in tasty silk

and dazed, I asked
For an electric shock
i had an image, i had a want
I was willing to let him kill

break me
Break me w pain
even the rock hard guys, even
The fathers

Blue eyed Lakes: i lost my way
annihilated in the dough
Of skin- and was made a matrix but
He,s a matrix turnt knife

Is it monstrous,
«Curly dove, treasure
casting Demons away does not Brave you make
You must invite them in, look

Casting demons away Never did brave me make.
gather your power
have tea, little Tango with Lucifer
One star of a dancer ;)

You must use your cunt   just like eyes 
For your body is a compass
Meaning all girls have one
Big Eye Kundalini!»

Here down by the bad yang I felt
like 1 special bride
wet hem, shades of sunset
i felt nameless at last

crushed in his presence
Infant, Beauty
Flower, Object
Peaced down in the Low stream...

my sex

Sitting on them Volcanoes
crawl at my foot, lava slugs
Sucked all your fire into my own
Bonfire Heart!!!

cum Purified in the Great black
Smokey Chimney of my body
dragongirls Take back with Fire 
what was extracted in Pain!!!

Cracking burst of flame
from every bone - 
Burn down the House
of your father!!!

You had pushed a door in vain;
 - I
in the end 
metabolized your venom 

with the flesh of my Fruit
I Push!!!
Push out in bliss!!!
Enthroned On a diamond

lip of Fire!