“MAY-JUNE” free songs

Anal pain

the map of the world is On you
the earth gravitates around you
the Seasons escape u
Why, y do u act so stupid
you know that Im always right

Europain Doll

none of the data we ate as we spoke
&none of the best
     will Ever do Us right in the West
tear your soul away in the west

Perfect Life Inside Out
Vainpires & zumbies are real
evovlve or Die!

'See "Golden Age of the East"..
the goddess is ever

+i just said that+

When You Will Kiss
kiss the pearl

u kissed the fucking pearl goodbye

YEP u kissed dis blue pearl farewelllll
Imperfect pearl 

what a great way to treat our mother

Time to kiss the pearl a pledge

feeling estranged is safe but i had come to a
Must decide if to
this type of modern life
her blessings, her
layered silver clouds
her green flourishing smile
Yes i felt her cosmic breath

i was flooded 
spring came

the spell had been as real as 
What broke it


"write a little legend to be worn as a ring
you only jealousies the birds
wen deepfried with daily demons
& all the swiss-made things!

Searching for something so simple
it Solely exists within your wicked mind

and Yes,
got my heart back
tho someone else Is Somehow missing one
is this what angels do all day?

The future does not come from nowhere
did we get lost init?
do we come back to search for bits


Every fleck of light is food
Im in love with this life

Jump To Earth JULY