“AUGUST” Envelopes


Yu morphed into a brown wolf and ran And I couldnt
....just like dying stars... It was long dead when we finally saw it implode
Ive been using
ive always selfmedicated anyway
trust no 1

Yulia’s Statement

I wanted to make a statement
I guess words just didn’t come out of my mouth
I felt desperation in a way I couldn’t explain
It might be inherent to this land or human life, I don’t know
We didn’t plan on becoming a political satire of our times
We never thought of t.A.T.u. as a beacon of hope, we
are part sorry about the hypocritical image we created for ourselves
And part relieved, because we think it’s more accurate.

godamn pony went hard @ the mall

small strawball
sex is taking up a lot of         space

its a History of predation -o-

nobodys home

look, see, wonder, accept, live

on my best day i could love anyone
ive already planned a few mass murders
someone told me that there is an artist for every 5000 human
some days i can think of them w empathy and despair or envy
somehow i wish i could just sit and eat the world

mostly, i sit on bench and love ppl one by one
i look at them look at themselves
we could kill u one by one tonight
we could take u from this place forever
what freaks me out most about being a woman
is i want to Help so bad i got a rifle

baby giant born in humane family

you were born without eyelids
u were monstrous.
light pained u everyday and we’d cover ur face w wet cloth
i was anxius u could read me thru and you did
so much u cant do without help
so little we could hide from u

growing up it was hard 2 explain 2u 
why& how
we bore the unbearable daily
u cried “humans shuld be free” 
the carpet had autumn red lozenges
as hard as it is still
our lids can close even on ur pain

skinless giant 
so Tall but your Eyes..
are too bare. and this wind carries Glass


“Our relationship to Patriarchy was a parallel to the planet’s relationship to Humanity

“we want in the Bigger reality, the Reality outside Capitalism

“Wen People’s fear of being less than perfect, being called a fool
is power’s first tool of Control over us,
a willingness 2 endure shame and rejection becomes the Indispensable ingredient
2 resistance

spirit in the dark				
i miss u every night
whatever u R


a little piece of wet, wet tears
a crying in the tall grass
wet stepping stones 
hats for the dead

kush(we smoke cos we know& we kno cos we smoke)

we’ve seen TOO MUCH
wer far from home
usay dont interpret my face“
u say cant feed from this food
so roll1

this flirt was wrought in hell

i will always leave burning 
marks on the soil w my low looks
i will always 
and sweat as u speak lies

i picture u

who wouldn't lov a 'poem
that'd shine from within like a sad old tuune"?
i picture u
when blood spatters like a star
i picture u
when sunlight thickens into red
i picture u asleep
in golden oil and light

i need to kneel now
He Knows
what He names, He loathes
&if u cant let him go then u cant let him go
then yur GFs will surely slap ur stupid face, go

what God wants

she's very very young and sorta hard to blame
squeezed in between dawn and then
she's very very white and sorta annoynig
so close to serving each guest a slice
she will have your items sent
by the mornin
so close to letting a party slide
she exits as Keys ring on her keyring

that girl has a lot of Keys
still what god Wants, He Does

mass murder meditation

dont go to the happy hour 
dont go to the afterwork
dont go to work
dont go
dont work

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