“JULY” Earth

Solar Weapons

we had no word but remnant waves 
&sunsets to lit up, a patch of grass
by Our twisted, kinda scary house
Each to their darkness, down
here where the water breaks..

days stick together,
turn 2 one long sticky log
pay attention to wildflowers
Visions of war will rise again

gelified afternoons were ripe
we curled
because life springs from rot
sometimes these bodies weigh

rising like a bubble,
a fiction
may the little pain that peaks 
pierce &disperse
the Surface.


In the dull of the house
we curl
Wrapped in ivy

Willow and algae, 
waving alike
my dark part still 
Aweaving at night

Like my knock on ur door
,Yes a stone may trump the spirit
physical ventually breaks
Into your dream"

a world thats whole
Even within limits
you cant keep it sane

He had clarity
starving like a bird
then daily bodies
in Summer

Climbing through the canopy
He could see the muddy venom
of human days, between
pagodas candle lit

Feeling alien pure, he was
&still crawls
with the seed in his hand
Into the utmost Sphere

'Yuo have to let that climbe or clamber
yu have to let him shine
7 of Temperance in Yu
u are him nowYu Let him Shine'

EARTH (be Tide, Fall, Chance)

rosey beast, magic beast
birthing down beyond War, which
we Thought was World wen it
crumbled as Never was..

Mongst the blood shone Hir face & Soul       
under light that pulls green from Soil
aLet me see my baby just 
Past the war
so now may run to Ther
Mayke for Shem Thy Earthdom Bechance

moonly hurt little beast
counting Down poisoned years
terriKnifed in her kept
Flesh with the dripping life

Gainst my muzzle Hir face       
open lights amid grass
Obring my baby just 
In time
wake Ther from my side
Make for Shem Thy Earthdom Befall

dying beast, breathing beast
birthing way Down this radiant War
we Thought was Not -tho scar
still Iron strokes our Skins

Humane milk for humane babe
river lights They do come &shine
so carbon wants to be undone 
tser Time
made from a side
May ever Thy Earthdom Betide

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