"APRIL-AUGUST" Birthday 


Dear Fathers,

memories can't save us
it is ok
everything Dies.
thank You
this is my last goodbye
i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry

do a makeup turtorial Of your real face

Blue eyed demon let's swim down to yur little car
im a liar and a shapeshifter
desperately crawling out of Our lack of Understanding&
looking very much 
like lake flies down the drain

u do all sorts of things to make me laugh Despite

would tell any joke just to see me smile
C me banish all that keeps u down 
way out our walls
I pay
when i pay, but when i pay
i lie

i was a steady cloud
&that would be my n°1 tip for someone who wants to be a rentboy

have One on a whore

we sell what we value
Fetish is Incarnation
Prostitution is always a Sacrifice
communication is impossible
All these words Human-made and essentialy business cards

u can never close a door thats been opend by force.

Let us not deny ourselves

Older people want us to explain ourselves
Im a hooker
but caring is Caring

don't u wish ur gf was wrong like me

sunset raincheck
sunrise token

in the end He will ask u to stay just to test u

in the end He will ask u to stay just to test u
in the end ill give up on this stuupid world
female poet
unknown dead female
you've been here before
did u get to rule 
enslaved poet
deceptive and dumbed
"in the service of the heart alone."

point 2012

breakin into another year
with my newly found Love
wearing death-cold leather
jackets, u were som kind of prophet
it was alright to trust u
u are shattered 
u R stronger


it was a place u went to heal
curse the homeland 
u set a standard
to which onlu u can repair

hard to lie to

Sweet dark fear powered by Satan
the only time ull ever get to treat me like a child again
rather dead or wen u fuck me
Biting then crying cos ur a wolf


Spiders keep this house clean
Hornets keep this house safe
you've lost my trust but u can never lose my love


u dont pay me
u dont keep this blade sharp
i dont get told

the biggest lie that anyone has ever told me was:

flash forward and a tracking shot
in this time soup
in this dumb scrap of a place
im algood
and not scared, so fine
i walk a flaming line

don't let these months turn into years


birds float tall in the skies over the house
cutting thru like needles sewing men to the skies.

i don't wish to walk away silently,

birds float like black paper scraps or ashes
i find it difficult to let go of the stone that makes me sad.

don't forget that u r 

u have a purpose even wen u break the law
it is madness to think that u will nest like kittens in a box
curled into a yin yang sign
no one rules but the chemicals inside us
,oh baby baby
Capitalism Is

black Road

what is a promise
night is nothing in itself
but daily life requires order
and so we named the absence of light
Night, &darkness, and in this starless hour
words will hold me together

we would sooner dissolve like ribbons on the wind
we could be nothing at all

gossip 1

At best im Useful & at worst a rival
God couldnt u make
us humans a little less Worried

you can't hide in august

blinding heat showers around us
lone rock
Black stone
shiny sweat runs rivers on ur poor face
august is a sword 
and stars rain..

summer is a mirror
you are a dark stone

I Break like a wave

Im home in august

u too, u r
a tantrum child
hooked on tragedy and 
too lucid not to ache
too loyal
too brave


the mere fact that it exists in the way that it does 
does show that these brains are tangled into the 
kind of knot that can never b loosed so… :s

sex 2

I'm never in here when u are

(w a forced smile I unwelcome u from my lyfe)

i once bowed w earnest respect
i gave u a serious listen
i made ur world solid but see-thru
i impressed you 
now u can c me unsuscribe and go

cursed w high empathy
forced to run from Ur pain

youve lost my trust but you can never lose my love

In my dusty but crisp cardboard house
where I sit and
where sunlight jingles on spangles and pours
me a clear glass of Content

i think back to you
sore and dirty in some out-
skirt forest
running ur brains with hopeless visions
pouring urself
a Full glass of jaded Laughing

meet this Rotten palmtree dont cry

trick urself into belief
it’s u against the wurld becaus we’r not like them
U grew Apart
u R a lone and Ugly plant thats always right
u never age 

You sit here
you take a walk
Deep respect 2 the resistance
Deepest respect 2 the Fallen


long lost nights
unheard of telecom
it must hurt so bad to be crucified

humans decay faster without hope
tether me

make me
make me believe my eyes rn


dont regret
u cannot lose in this life.
thats just something they say to keep us running
i kannot keep u from harm
break sleep

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