art uses revolution

i am the planet

so, these stones
were softly sun-warmthed &
lush mosses pushed
dead frost like skin

carbon-made, waterfall
i am made Of this place.

she's written in me like a page
i trust Her
i was coded in Her image
- i adore Her -

I'm in love with the Earth
I'm in love with the Earth

the peaks were high, the rivers rush,d
i was the eagle above me
the smell of cattle, the tree
all Risen into consciousness

i am the planet
Arisen into consciousness


emo kids were right
Fruits ripen
Seeds drip
it's autumn and i'm fully formed

After the End (i-Ching)

damp and wide as a mouth,
where all begins.

so, you're these stones
dont mind being kicked

girl hatching
flowering bright

as once was: we,ll bloom the earth
with humane voice 

So Bloom I will

commanded By the Moon,
no Tide can be man-stopped.

yes, we use art for revolution But 
art uses revolution for Content

becaus for us
there is No elsewhere

build we shall
a Citadel .

yes, resistance Speaks art as language but
art uses resistance for Context.

If I die weak

If I die before She Heals
let me take a plaid,
let me go

dont follow nor
smell my steps where myrtle thrives
if you love me

I,ll find a crease
I,ll hide my bones
this is where I want

in Her embrace, 
in Her power

self-buried with a tin box
of the last ever writ,
in this life

inside which we may weep & laugh
&blessed be, if we understand
the strangest animal


So calm and warm here,
tired slightlw drunk
Turn Hawaiian record over
as Vik discards a card

Soon we'll leave the lake house
for a place between Forest
spend days making plans

Just so, so warm &here
Salamander as golden, oily sign
It's not the end
not yet, round pebble

o cold Salamander
did you walk to remind us -
Were we born
to protect you?

Living Renaissance

Doesnt matter ever
Face the Earth
Face Her

beastly werrior

I am a child still and as such
cannot drop to contempt or admire buildings
I paint my face
I sink beneath the paint
I play and after dark
I attack

rusty plastic

last, last ever
to crawl wet soil and smell
her countless dead kin

the Salamander said
a lot of times we cant know
but this time we can feel

Fractal Acts

the poems that I wrote
the thoughts that I had
Upon Us are Strange,
strange days

You know
the rise of skyscrapers
Variety in Magic 
&cities' hypnotic spirals

Living deds 
and the real blood that I shared - 
What walk back is there but

We don,t know the Sun but the hour
& not his pink wine, But his name
Torched with Life
a red pill's melted 

crescent on the tongue

Snakes of Bona Dea

Pain is As is and as Was
i am out of my ways as Lies
flow out like snakes to sustain
Crumbling walls

I am the spark, Senator
read my poems aloud
I know what magic can b
spells are As were & mighty

Your day is so full today
your headlamp will sweep
On sparkles tonight,


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